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Wonderful Benefits of Neem

Botanical Name – Azadirachta indica Sanskrit – Nimb , niyaman , netar Hindi – Neem Malayalam – Veppu English – Indian lilac Therapeutic Usage Headache – Juice of neem leaves is extracted and used...

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The lung tonic – Kusmanda (Ash gourd)

Kushmanda (white gourd) belongs to gourd family of vegetables. It is a store house of Phytonutrients and medicinal values. Mainly used in weight gain therapy,to improve intelligence and so on. In India Petha (agra...


Wholesomeness of Drum Stick Plant (Shigru)

Drum stick is a plant that is grown for its nutritious leafy greens, flower and mineral rich green fruit pods. This tree is drought-tolerant, medium sized, evergreen tree that prefers warm, frost free climates...